AaronAcosta and danieloem

Started by Admin 2018-10-03 at 12:30
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Username: AaronAcosta and danieloem.
Reason: Use Bots and Autoclicker software
Detail: This 2 members from Venezuela is founded to be creating the fake downlines to increase their earnings and on Won at Point and Referral contest. And also they are using the Autoclicker software. So, these members are suspended permanently.
PtcHero suggest other PTC Admins to avoid these members.

Issue-1: The referrals of these 2 Members are don't login daily. With only one day these referrals ad clicks exceeded above the 100+ but instance till now PtcHero only reached highest ads per day is 40 only.
Issue-2: The 100% of referrals of these 2 Members are don't use these $1 purchase balance. They only click ads to generate revenue for there upline. So, they are not real peoples. They all are bots.
Issue-3: These referrals are not comes from any of the Blog, Forum or other PTC Sites. They are just comes from blank or youtube or facebook. I checked Google Analystics and I don't get these visits from there ref. links. They use fake traffic on bots.
Proof for Suspension:
AaronAcosta - proof-1 , proof-2, proof-3
danieloem - proof-1 , proof-2, proof-3

PtcHero Admin