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Started by anamil 2020-02-27 at 18:09
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It is the fourth time that they return the amount requested to receive my payment. They return it to the balance and then I have to wait another week to ask again. I do not understand why. Maybe, if they confirm that they will NOT pay, I dedicate my time to work elsewhere ...
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Hi anamil,

Not only 4th time, if you give a wrong payment processor account it will be cancelled at each and every time. Kindly provide a correct payment information. You provided a PerfectMoney account, for PerfectMoney account USD accounts starts with U566778xx and for EURO accounts starts with E67673xx. But you only provided a Payment account as 61901xx. Kindly check and change your Payment Information and again request for cashout. If you have a queries, then kindly ask with our SUPPORT Ticket.

Thank You
PtcHero Admin
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maybe admin is scaming members in smart each time return payment then have to wait x amount of days to request again to have same thing done to you