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Started by hammog 2019-04-08 at 11:11
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Hi admin! Today, the number of visits to the Traffic &lt;-&gt; Exchange has reached another 1000. The dollar has not appeared on the balance sheet.
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Your bonus $1 is already added to your Purchase Balance.

PtcHero Admin
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Hello Admin
A few days ago I tried the traffic-exchange number +/- 10 I searched for information how come there were no additions about the number of traffic-exchanges, there were only a number of traffics - the old exchange 37 then I tried again +/- 25 traffic-ex also no change on the number of te that I do and in purchace balance, but there is a form to advertise.
I don't quite understand whether 1 click traffic-exc means we can advertise 1 advert too.
Is there a way to calculate the ads that I see. Sometimes I doubt whether my calculation is correct / wrong, how can someone see the ad and count it to 1000 ads ..
Please help me step by step to be able to follow the T-E correctly.
ccc6 - standard